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Use Our Brand New Software To Create “Ultra High Converting” Daily Deals Pages For Local Businesses (In Under 60 Seconds!) There’s thousands of local biz owners who need deals pages to run their promo offers… and EZDealz lets you set these pages up in seconds… without expensive landing page tools, funnel builders or any special skills. It’s the easiest, most SIMPLE foot in the door offer that local biz owners already want… and there’s no reason why you can’t charge them a monthly fee for it…​(… instead of the crushing 90% commissions that other coupon sites are taking from every sale they make.) Order your EZDealz license right now before the price goes up and you kick yourself for not getting in while you had the chance!

Now You Can Instantly Create Deals Pages That Help Local Businesses Sell Like Crazy…Daily deals sites are a $6 BILLION industry – but these deal sites are ripping off local biz owners by taking deep commissions on every deal sold. 97% of biz owners are running deals on their own website – but are failing to get sales (you’ll see why in second…) Biz owners are paying $100’s to build simple deals pages on their website – which you can create in seconds without any code or design skills!



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