Preparation Plan GUIDE Volume I + II


“Survivor’s Guide – VOLUME II – ALIMENTAÇÃO” is the result of many researches that bring several techniques, adapted to the Brazilian reality, on how to conserve, store and prepare food, aiming at the food security of an individual or family, regardless of their situation. “How to survive Crises and Threats” was launched in 2015 and brings an introduction to the concepts of civil preparation and survivalism aimed at the common citizen.

“Planner for Trainers”: annual planning and organization model for trainers in order to help in the day-to-day and facilitate the achievement of preparation goals. With it, you’ll also be able to define the preparations you want to purchase throughout each month, control the total food storage stock and have a quick control of your finances, having everything always at your fingertips.


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COMBO GUIA: Vol I + Vol II + Planner de Preparação 2020

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